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How is a regular teeth cleaning (scaling) different from deep scaling and root planning and why does it take?

so much longer and cost so much more and will it really make a difference in gum health? How long does each quadrant take to do? And what is the average cost for each quadrant? Don%26#039;t tell me to ask my dentist, as I don%26#039;t have one yet, and the reason I am asking here is to get some comparisons and to understand what the procedure consists of. Thanks! Oh yeah, does the dentist usually do deep scaling or the hygenist

How is a regular teeth cleaning (scaling) different from deep scaling and root planning and why does it take?
A regular cleaning is where there is scaling above the gum line and scaling and root planing (SRP) is done below the gum line. It takes so much longer and cost so much because it is a very tedious job. That tarter that is built up below the gum line is not easy to take off, so they need to charge more because they hygienist has to work that much harder. I would say that each quadrant can run you around $200-$300--at the office I work in, all 4 quadrants will cost you over $800. Yes, this will have a HUGE difference in the health of your gums. It always bums me out when patients have to lose teeth due to gum disease which easily could have been prevented. There are all kinds of great websites that will help you understand what SRP is and what it can do for you, but I%26#039;ve listed one that seems to really explain it well. Good luck
Reply:yes it does
Reply:if you keep up with the every 6 months you don%26#039;t need deep cleaning. otherwise your gums are effected and the nerves can be effected and it takes longer and sometimes anesthetics are necessary.
Reply:SRP as we call it (Scaling and Root Planing) is used when a patient hasnt had a dental cleaning in over 2 years and shows signs of periodontal disease. or you just have periodontal disease or periodontits. What happens is they numb each quadrant of your mouth (you have 4 upper right,lower right,upper left,lower left) your hygienist will be the one doing the procedure. The injections are not deep tissue injections-just enough to numb your gumline. they then go deeply under the tissue of the gums to stimulate the gingiva. Usually when you have periodontal disease you have pockets of 3 or greater. They have to get under the gumline and scrape the plaque off so that the gum tissue becomes healthy again and re-attaches itself to the tooth structure. Otherwise, you get bone loss and you end up loosing your teeth and can also get root decay. It definately does work and helps you to maintain your periodontal issues. Also, you will be placed on a 3 month recall to insure that you maintain healthy teeth and gums. The average cost of SRP runs about $250.00 per quadrant (remember you have 4 quadrants so this is 250 x 4. If you have dental insurance they will pay 80% minus your deductable. Hygienists usually like to do 2 quads at a time allowing 11/2 hrs for the procedure. A regular teeth cleaning is when you have normal pocket depth of 2mm or less with no bleeding. Basically they scrape whatever plaque is present above the gumline area with minimal areas under the gumline being scaled where needed. Then they use a dental prophylaxis paste to polish your teeth and then a flouride treatment. I hope I%26#039;ve helped you understand the cost and process.
Reply:I%26#039;ve had the procedure done twice. For me it took about a half an hour for each quad and I paid about $50 per quad (post-insurance). The rates will vary depending on the dental practice and your own case. Both times the Dentist was the person doing the procedure (though I suppose a RDA could have done the cleaning). I don%26#039;t know the benefits of a Periodontist vs. Dentist, but I do know that the benefits of the procedure outweigh the consequences of not having the procedure (though I don%26#039;t want to be super preachy... I just know that it%26#039;s wasn%26#039;t nearly as bad as it sounds). Good luck to you.


I'm bleeding a descnet amount 2 days after teeth cleaning, do gums get better eventually?

It%26#039;s bleeding quite alot . and it doesn%26#039;t seem to stop. if i let it go, my whole tooth on the bottom gets red and then the blood also dries but more comes out.

I looked at my gum when i managed to dry it and it seems he over did it and cut some gum( just on the end where the tooth begins but still it%26#039;s pretty mangled in that little point). cause i see it and its like hairs like if it was sliced accidentally. it will get better, but i don%26#039;t know when. and i don%26#039;t know what to do

why doesn%26#039;t the blood stop. Well does the gum heal?

I would call him but it%26#039;s Thanksgiving 4 day weekend, so i guess there is no way of doing that.

I%26#039;m bleeding a descnet amount 2 days after teeth cleaning, do gums get better eventually?
That was happening to me so while i was getting a cleaning from my dentist he told me to rinse with warm salt water, he said i am getting food caught in my gum and i should rinse with warm salt water to not only losen the food out but help heal my gums. Brushing before you go to bed is key.

It works just try it, if you think you might have infection try hydrogen peroxide mixed with warm water and rinse too.
Reply:Yes, gums do get better eventually, but call your dentist if it gets worse.
Reply:Try rinsing your mouth quite often today with room temperature salt water solution. That should stop it soon. It will also feel better and aid in healing quicker! Good Luck!
Reply:bleeding of the gums is not normal during flossing. it%26#039;s a sign of periodontal disease, as you probably already know. continue to floss and brush 3x per day, esp before you sleep and after you eat. bleeding goes away after 3 weeks after daily flossing and brushing.

your hygienist probably suggested you to have your teeth cleaned every 3-4 months vs 6 months. just until the periodontal disease is under control. but once the inflammation and disease has subsided, your gums will stop bleeding.

take care and happy thanksgiving!

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"Do it yourself" thorough teeth cleaning ways?

Floss, use a dental pick, mouth wash, brush with tooth paste/baking soda, and then whiten

%26quot;Do it yourself%26quot; thorough teeth cleaning ways?
brush them long
Reply:Brush with Baking Soda
Reply:One popular tooth whitening product that you can use is bleaching solution that contains peroxide for bleaching tooth enamel. The bleaching agent in these products is usually carbamide peroxide, which is available in 10, 16 and 22 percent concentrations.

Whiteners that contain peroxide typically come in gel form and are placed in a mouthguard. Some products are used twice a day for 2 weeks while others are intended for overnight use for a 1 to 2 weeks period. If you can obtain the bleaching solution from your dentist, he will be able to construct a custom mouth guard to fit your teeth precisely. Currently, the American Dental Association endorses only dentist-dispensed home-use percent carbamide peroxide tray-applied gels.

In addition to bleaching solution, whitening strips are increasingly being used as a preferred tooth whitening product. For instance, you are now able to get your hands on a set of Crest Whitestrips Supreme from any convenience store. The flexible, invisible strips are coated with an enamel-safe tooth bleaching gel. To whiten your teeth, you simply place the strips on your teeth and wear them for about 15 to 30 minutes each day. After a period of about 21 days, you should be able to see a significant difference on the brightness of your teeth.

For other effective home teeth whitening solutions, you may wish to read about them here :

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How much does a teeth cleaning cost without insurance?

It can vary from dentist to dentist. I was like you too, wondering if what will I pay, and will it be too much, until I found the affordable plan I have been searching for. I signed up online over 3 years ago and has saved me thousands of dollars nationwide. From Root canals, extractions, cleanings etc..I would encourage you to visit this website.

They had my benefits active in 2 hours time.

Good Luck. Hope this helps.

How much does a teeth cleaning cost without insurance?
Around $100 generally. I have a dental discount plan and it works fine for me! No limits on visits or services, no age limit, no waiting period, specialists included! This plan does have their own providers but a very broad selection. Save anywhere from 50% to 80% on most utilized dental procedures such as exams, x-rays, teeth cleanings, fillings, root canals, and even crowns! Also save 25% when you have to go to a specialist. This plan does have their own providers but in most areas you have many choices. Once you enroll for the plan within 24 hours you are issued a member id # so right away you can begin using the plan. The plan is only $19.95 a month for household. You also get 3 additional benefits free with the plan vision, RX, %26amp; chiropractic! I don%26#039;t know if this is what you are looking for but at least you will be able to save money on whatever dental services you need.

Chrystal O%26#039;Berry

Program Specialist,

Reply:It all depends on your location. I think the cost could range anywhere from $50-$100. If there are additional services (ie x-rays) it will cost more, but I wouldn%26#039;t pay more than $100.

Reply:westerdn dental was like $80 and they did a crappy job!!!!!! i paid cash! and they barley cleaned my teeth
Reply:depends on where you live i think. in toronto, canada, it%26#039;s closer to $200.


A question about teeth cleaning?

how is it done. I have to have one tomorrow

A question about teeth cleaning?
They put you in a chair they put a bib-thing on your neck and then they just scarpe stuff off your teeth floss you and the worst that can happen is your gums might bleed if you don%26#039;t floss regularly, won%26#039;t hurt though and they put some pink stuff eta...
Reply:Not a big deal really. They lay you back in the chair, the hygienest will scrap all the plaque off of your teeth gently, floss you and the worst that can happen is your gums might bleed slightly if you don%26#039;t floss regularly, won%26#039;t hurt though. Don%26#039;t worry, nothing like getting work done on your teeth such as a filling, pulled, etc.
Reply:It%26#039;s very simple, your doctor will use an ultrasonic tool for sure, which uses water that will vibrate to swept away the %26quot;dirt%26quot; from you teeth. It%26#039;s totally painless so don%26#039;t be afraid.


What should a teeth cleaning with anesthesia cost for a small dog?

It really depends on your area -- we had it done in central Iowa and it was about $120.

What should a teeth cleaning with anesthesia cost for a small dog?
It will vary depending where you live. My friend in Florida pays $30. I had to pay almost $200 in Ontario Canada. We both have Chihuahua%26#039;s.
Reply:Here in California it runs about $60.00.
Reply:It can vary from clinic to clinic, and it also depends on whether extractions are nessecary. Best to call a few clinic a get quotes on a descale and polish procedure. Also some vet clinics like to take a pre op blood test to ensure the pet is fit to go under anasthetic. This is an additional cost.
Reply:Depends on the area and the vet, from $125 to $250 around here. Prices on all vet services vary considerably around here. Neutering a male Dobe sized dog can be from $150-$300 and spaying that size is from $200-$400. You can ask your dog owning friends for their vet%26#039;s name and call around. But sometimes I prefer my more expensive vet to do some trickier things than my closer less expensive vet.
Reply:When I got a price quote for my little 10 pound shih tzu here in NC, it ranged from $200-$320 and that was without extractions!
Reply:My vet charges $150.

Give your vet a call and see how much they charge.

Some vets charge more and others charge less so, it is best to call your vet to get an idea of what they would charge.
Reply:You already have a lot of good answers:

Price will vary by area of the country. You%26#039;ll pay more in large cities in affluent areas.

The size of the dog isn%26#039;t that important since they have the same number of teeth.

Cost for the procedure is anywhere from $50 to $100 unless teeth have to be pulled or there are other problems

Because the animal will be anesthetized, a battery of tests should be done prior to the procedure. Those tests can cost $60 to $100 depending on your vet and area

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Howmuch does a teeth cleaning cost without insurance?

I pay $125 dollars

Howmuch does a teeth cleaning cost without insurance?
In India, that would be Rs. 2000 approx. Or $45 USD.
Reply:about $60. u may need to call around to local offices to see their prices.

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